hi, i’m alex.

welcome to my little home here on the web.

practicing Yoga can bring benefits on all levels…strengthening and refining the body, calming and focusing the mind, and lighting a guiding flame of compassion and connection in our relationship with ourselves and our relationships with others.

i have personally found yoga to be a wonderful system of self-care and self-knowledge, which assists me to embrace and grow with the ebbs and flows, the challenges and joys, of life…and especially throughout pregnancy, birth, and life with children.

it is my intention to share my genuine interest and care for the individual path we each travel, to not just survive our challenges, but to find creative ways to thrive and ENJOY!

 please click on the images below to head straight to my class info, or explore the menu tabs to find out more about me and what i offer.

kenmore classes
yoga for pregnancy
yoga for pregnancy
new flyers origami
repurposing flyers

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