sound circle

sound circle is an evening for women to revel in our collective sound, and to encourage and support each other to explore our true voice.

i believe anyone who can speak, can sing…it’s a matter of feeling relaxed and comfortable to allow your voice to flow. if you are a little nervous about singing, rest assured you won’t be asked to sing on your own in front of anyone {i know that can be a scary concept}. just add your voice to the group sound at your own comfort level. it is a really beautiful way to get in touch with your voice, and experience the bIMG_20141024_213258enefits of singing.

i began holding my sound circles in 2008 in the beautiful jagera hall in south brisbane, with the intention of creating a supportive space for women to explore the very tangible benefits of group singing and toning, in a non-denominational setting.

we sing unaccompanied chants and songs from various traditions, and also create a vocal sound bath {also called a sonic hug}. if you’ve not been a part of a sound bath before…do come along to participate, it’s a truly magical experience, both relaxing and enlivening.

circles are currently held monthly (around the time of the full moon) in the Upper hall at Kenmore Anglican Church, and provide a unique opportunity for women to experience the healing benefits of their voice.

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“I have been going to Alex’s sound circles for close to 4 years now. Alex has this ability to draw women in with song and sound that transports the room to a space of peace and for me, release. The space she is able to create, be it in a hall or a room or a studio is always one that is filled with warmth and acceptance and no judgement. The power of sound, especially the much loved sound baths at each circle is an amazing experience, where fears and stresses and long hard days are swept away and when the body and mind can sink into the luscious sound or beat of the moment….total bliss!” …Kartini…

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