…about me…

i am a qualified, regiilluminariumstered Level 1 yoga teacher with Yoga Australia, with over 100 hours of additional training in pre/post natal and active birth yoga.  i am committed to my own personal practice and ongoing training and personal development, regularly attending workshops and training in yoga and other associated modalities.

yoga has been a thread woven throughout my life since I was first introduced to the practice in high school in 1990.  through all phases and seasons of my life, the practice of yoga has assisted me to flow and grow with the challenges, and to be present to the current of peace available to each of us at any time, should we create the space to notice and cultivate it.  after finding yoga essential during my recovery from Graves disease, to rebuild strength and balance, and to manage anxiety, i decided to further deepen my understanding of yoga through teacher training.

i live with my partner and two young daughters, and I adore the daily practice of mindfulness that is family life.  my yoga practice draws inspiration from the natural cycles around and within us, from the ancient traditions of yoga, as well as modern developments in mindbody wisdom and science.  yoga is not separate from daily life with my family, but is interwoven and informed by the daily stuff of life.

Yoga is You meeting Yourself, exactly where you are right now, with awareness, curiosity, and compassion. From here, anything is possible.