kind words

feedback from some of the lovely people i’ve worked with…

“Alex’s class is a relaxing and inspiring oasis of calm in my week.
Her thoughtful preparation of the class is evident, and is one of the things I most appreciate about the class. Each week she has a new class prepared, usually around a particular theme or around a particular aspect of yoga practice. As she guides you through, she gives little tips and background information that is really interesting and has deepened my understanding of yoga.
She is clearly committed to quality in everything she does. For example, her equipment is always clean and fresh, and she even makes some of it herself using the finest natural materials. 
I have attended a variety of yoga classes over the past decade, and hers is the best I have come across. If you appreciate quality and a yoga teacher who cares deeply about what she does, you’ll love Alex’s class.” …Naomi…

“Alex is a kind, attentive and experienced teacher, who is able to help people of all ages and standards to learn yoga and enjoy their class. I did her Restorative Yoga class last year when I was winding up my professional practice and working too many hours to get it all done. Alex’s class was so beneficial, it helped me stay calm and stretch my energies to do all I needed to get done without becoming too IMG_20150115_210224burned out. Her classes have a very peaceful atmosphere and are ideal for anyone who wants to make yoga work for them and come out of it feeling replenished. I would especially recommend her for people going through a difficult time or working around physical limitations. No good bringing time limitations to this class though – they are all about relaxing, breathing and letting go of stress!” …Anne E…

“I have been attending Alex Westaway’s yoga classes for the past 8 months. Her enthusiasm for yoga has inspired me and led to a significant enhancement of my personal practice of yoga. 

I absolutely recommend Alex as a yoga teacher.” …Ollie …

“I have revisited yoga after many years break and have found that Alex’s teaching has transformed my yoga practice. During our classes she clearly and intelligently directs my awareness so that I now appreciate the purpose of each pose and have a stronger connection with my body and the movement of energy through it.

IMG_20150307_105739Alex takes into consideration any injuries and limitations each student has,  making for safer practice and helping building strength where people need it.
Her classes are different each week and are presented in a down to earth way  combined with a knowledgeable approach to anatomy that makes everything really clear.
Her genuine commitment to developing the practice of yoga is inspiring and enlightening.” …Sarah…

“ I am a first timer to Yoga and have started it later in life. Whilst reasonably fit, Yoga has really given me a greater awareness of my posture, and it is helping me to correct issues I had not have been previously aware of. It has also helped me greatly with flexibility, although I still have a long way to go. Alex’s classes are varied and interesting and I look forward to them every week.” …Mark…

“I have been going to Alex’s sound circles for close to 4 years now. Alex has this ability to draw women in with song and sound that transports the room to a space of peace and for me, release. The space she is able to create, be it in a hall or a room or a studio is always one that is filled with warmth and acceptance and no judgement. The power of sound, especially the much loved sound baths at each circle is an amazing experience, where fears and stresses and long hard days are swept away and when the body and mind can sink into the luscious sound or beat of the moment….total bliss!” …Kartini…

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